Hi, I'm Scott Lamb

I work at BuzzFeed, where I started as a senior editor back in 2007. I've since been managing editor, then editorial director, and now I'm in charge of expanding BuzzFeed's international footprint.

Previously, I've written for Salon.com, Der Spiegel, Details, LA Weekly, Intro, and the East Bay Express. In 2004, I was a Fulbright grant recipient in Berlin.

Some recent writing

How I Traveled in 2017
— How and where I traveled in over the course of last year.
2017 Reports
— A handy list of useful digital trend reports from last year.

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Some not-so-recent writing:

Rebecca Black's "Friday" Turns One (2012)
— A look at the making of a viral phenomenon.
Best-Ever New Year's Eve Dinner: Crab Cioppino (2013)
— This is an amazing family recipe you should try.
Twilight Of The Hoboes (2012)
— Four days at the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa.

Some press:

"Here's how BuzzFeed is thinking about its international growth" (Nieman Lab, 2015)
"10 Questions With BuzzFeed's VP of International" (Fortune, 2014)
"The 60-Second Interview with Scott Lamb, VP of International at BuzzFeed" (Capital New York, 2014)


Work at Salon.com
NYU Department of Journalism
We Are Scientists


For inquires, you can reach me at scott(at)buzzfeed or via post at BuzzFeed, 111 E 18th Street, New York, NY 10003.

Thanks for stopping by.

Scott, 2018